Youth Sports

Youth Sports

Sports are a great way to keep your kids active and healthy. The Youth Sports offered at the YMCA of Central Florida help your child improve their skills, while promoting healthy attitudes and sportsmanship. Our Youth Sports programs also offer environments that are sure to nurture friendships in a fun and stress-reducing atmosphere.

Seasonal Sports

Each season we offer a multitude of sports. Check out what is being offered right now, or take a peek at what is yet to come! Read more about registration details and dates as well.

Youth Basketball

Join the fun of basketball with the organization that helped create the sport! In addition to being fun, playing basketball has many benefits. Basketball provides a good cardiovascular workout by building endurance, increasing speed, agility, coordination and flexibility, all while burning calories. This team sport improves concentration and self-discipline, while enhancing self-confidence. Joining a basketball team is a great way to make friends, too. Pre-Register ›

Youth Soccer

Soccer is a team sport that is a great way for kids to stay active during their free time, while learning sportsmanship and teamwork. Soccer offers many health benefits such as building endurance, increasing muscle tone and bone strength and promoting heart health. Kids will learn the basics of soccer in a safe and fun manner. By kicking, running and attacking the goal, kids reduce stress, build coordination and gain confidence on the soccer field. Pre-Register ›

Youth Volleyball

The Y offers a variety of volleyball programs that are guaranteed to serve up a fun time. Learn the fundamentals of serving, bumping and setting in a welcoming atmosphere. Volleyball promotes sportsmanship and team work, as well as individual development. This fun sport has many health benefits, which include strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as improving hand-eye coordination and reflexes. Pre-Register ›


Futsal is a form of indoor soccer, played with five players on each side. This program focuses on the basic skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and learning field positions. This up and coming sport improves agility, ball control, creativity and confidence. This fast paced game is a great way for kids to stay active and build relationships. Due to the nature of the sport, kids will also learn the importance of teamwork and communication. The Y creates a positive environment for your kids to engage in this activity, while maintaining the core values of the YMCA. Pre-Register ›

Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer offers a unique way of playing traditional soccer. These soccer courts are surrounded by walls which allows players to use them to their advantage. This version of soccer is similar to Futsal, with the main difference being that the ball is slightly bigger. Indoor soccer is a fun and unique team sport that is great for all kids. Sign up today! Pre-Register ›

Flag Football

Touchdown! Flag Football has become one of the country’s favorite sports. This team-oriented activity creates bonds and builds social skills that will benefit your kids in many aspects of their life. Not only is it a great sport for building stamina and strengthening muscles, but it also builds character. The Y focuses on instilling positive values and confidence in kids, which can be learned through sports like football. Pre-Register ›


The Y offers a variety of programs for both adults and kids that will help you ace the fundamentals of tennis. Improve hand-eye coordination, balance and coordination through this fun sport. Tennis provides a good workout that improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Tennis also promotes healthy competition and a boost in self-confidence. Whether you are looking for individual training or in a group setting, the Y has a program for you. Pre-Register ›


YMCA youth t-ball is a great opportunity for our participants to learn the basis of t-ball in this great introductory sport. Participants will learn how to catch, throw and hit the ball off a hitting tee in a fun team environment. The focus of our youth t-ball leagues is to have fun, meet new friends, and play in a non-competitive environment. Pre-Register ›


This fun and active sport is a great way for kids to form friendships and gain self-confidence. Cheer is a fun way to build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Cheerleading is also a great brain workout, as kids memorize cheers, dances, jumps and routines in order to cheer on our teams at the Y. Pre-Register ›