Youth Sports

Empowering Our Community through Youth Development

Sports are a great way to keep your kids active and healthy. The Youth Sports offered at the YMCA of Central Florida help your child improve their skills while promoting healthy attitudes and sportsmanship. Our Youth Sports programs also offer environments that are sure to nurture friendships in a fun and stress-reducing atmosphere!



Basketball provides a good cardiovascular workout by building endurance, and increasing both speed and agility.



Soccer offers benefits like reducing stress, building muscle tone and strength, and increasing self-confidence.



Volleyball can teach sportsmanship, improve hand-eye coordination, and strengthen the respiratory system.


Flag Football

Flag football—safer than tackle—instills positive values, builds stamina, and strengthens the cardiovascular system.



Futsal focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control. Playing can also improve communication and creativity.



Cheerleading helps develop flexibility and overall strength. Memorizing routines is also a great mental workout.


Rising Stars

Rising Stars focuses on introducing sports skills and concepts at an early age. It also provides an early introduction to values like honesty and teamwork.



Tennis provides a good workout and helps improve muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. It also promotes teamwork and individual work ethic.



T-ball is a great introductory sport in a fun, non-competitive environment. It teaches kids how to catch, throw, and hit the ball by using a hitting tee.


Code of Conduct
Please carefully review the YMCA of Central Florida Code of Conduct. These rules apply to players, parents, and guests, and will help to ensure a safe environment for everyone involved.


The 7 Pillars of Youth Sports 
We believe our Youth Sports programs can help children develop relationships, grow leadership skills, appreciate diversity, and learn the virtue of fair play.


Concussion Safety
Concussions are not all the same and can be difficult to recognize. Symptoms may take hours or several days to appear so, it’s important to pay attention to your child for any signs.

At the Y, your child’s safety is our priority; learn more about our commitment to keeping kids safe. Would you like to support Youth Sports programs at your local family center? Click here to donate now!