Aquatic Center Group Exercise

Rosen Aquatic Center Group Exercise Classes

The Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center offers a variety of group exercise classes to help participants improve their level of fitness. Our studio-style setting offers a perfect  environment for both students and instructor! Our instructors are able to give immediate feedback so members can experience a more individual workout. We believe in quality of movement rather than quantity, and teach progressions and regressions as needed.  Our purpose is to give fun classes that are very effective and safe.


Tai Chi
An ancient Chinese practice that improves flexibility, agility, and balance. It is also a mental, spiritual and emotional exercise.

This class will offer a deep stretch to joints and connective tissues. Postures will be held for at least one minute.

Chair Yoga
Practice yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation from a chair.

Senior Fitness
A full body workout for active older adults using light weights, resistance bands, and exercise balls.


Abs & Core
This class concentrates on the area from your hips to your chest. It includes a blend of athletic movements, poses borrowed from yoga, and core stability training from Pilates.

Dance fitness set to Latin and international rhythmic beats. Come dance yourself into shape!

Interval Training
A high intensity interval class with either repetition scheme or timed intervals to challenge your strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Strength Training
Increase muscular strength and endurance by performing complex movements with dumbbells, barbells, bands, and body weight resistance.


Shallow Water Fitness
Challenge yourself and cardiovascular system in the water! Water provides resistance that is gentle on your joints.