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Teen Achievers College Tour3YMCA Youth/Teen Achievers will expose and provide middle and high school students the assistance to unlock academic and career doors. Through your involvement in our program you will achieve success in all aspects of your middle and high school years. We recruit students that are considered “under” achievers, “average” achievers and “high” achievers. YMCA Achievers will be required to volunteer 10 to 15 hours per program year.



IMG_1730CTE: Career and Technical Education Clusters will introduce students to the exciting range of careers available in business and industry. Students will learn about different types of career possibilities, the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed, and trends and technologies that are transforming the American workplace.

College Prep Clusters will prepare students that select the 2-year, 4-year traditional college/university, and military/armed forces track. Degrees include undergraduate, masters and doctorate of philosophy.


983A5551_3The YMCA Achievers reaches into the heart of the community for both its Adult Achiever Volunteers and Youth/Teen Achievers. By recognizing and utilizing the talents of Adult Achiever Volunteers who are successful in their careers, they bring a much needed positive influence into the lives of many young people.

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  • YMCA Teen Achievers goals -

    • To help youth and teens raise their academic expectations.
    • To expose students to diverse career and technical education options.
    •  Interact with mentors whose success and knowledge will inspire students to reach their personal goals.
    • Assist teens in setting and pursue their post-secondary goals
    • To create channels for continuing community involvement by business and industry
  • Teen Achievers Career Clusters +

    • Business Management / Communications
    • College Prep Clusters
    • Criminal Justice / Law / Military
    • Education / Training
    • Finance / Financial Literacy
    • Health / Medical Services
    • Youth Achievers 6th – 8th
    • Performing Arts / The Artful Apprentice
    • Sports / Scholar Baller / Athletes Only (9th – 12th)
    • STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Science
    • Youth in Government
    • Junior-Senior College Prep Sessions – 11th-12th graders only
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Mina Ford, Executive Director
[email protected] or 407.896.9220 / 407.351.3584


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