The Y App

The Y App

Our app helps you achieve your fitness and health goals in a fun, intuitive way! The Y app features a variety of tools that help you track your progress, stay on schedule, book spots in group exercise classes, and more. Get the most out of the app by connecting it with Technogym equipment via Bluetooth or a QR code. The equipment will then sync with your program, and your results will be automatically tracked on your account in the form of MOVEs. MOVEs can be connected to other apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, and Garmin, and are stored in the MOVERGY index.


Family Center Area

On the home page, you’ll find information about your family center. Here you can see featured classes and programs, and a full group exercise schedule. Access the Outdoor Activity Tracking feature, and connect the Y app to your apps and devices. You can also view your MOVEs and MOVERGY index.

My Movement

Track the exercises you do outside of any group exercise classes, and add additional activities to your results.


View your results in daily, weekly, and monthly formats. In Totals, you can see your total MOVEs, calories burned, distance ran, and distance cycled. In Measure, you have the ability to enter your bodily measurements. Records displays your personal fitness records.