Volunteer at the Y

October 01, 2013

The importance of volunteerism can’t be overstated. At the Y, we could never accomplish our program goals without the help of our volunteers, and we are so appreciative of the support they provide. Our Day of Sharing is an opportunity for us to convey our cause and mission to members, stress our focus on social responsibility and get our members excited about volunteer opportunities. And it is also an opportunity for you to give back and support your neighbors in need by volunteering at the Y. There are so many ways you can help. For example, you can coach a sports team; motivate and support youth through any of our child development programs; extend a hand to help adults who want to do more, be more and live healthier; advocate for the Y’s efforts to influence initiatives that positively impact the community; or share your voice on a committee or board of directors. At the Downtown Y, we are always here to answer your questions and guide you as to how you can volunteer and become a part of something bigger.