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While we realize that most children don’t have their lives figured out by the time they reach their teen years, too many are facing the future without any plans or goals at all.

They are not graduating from high school or preparing to enter the workforce. As a result, they wind up in dead-end jobs with a bleak future. Due to the absence of positive role models, many teens lack the values that would help them become productive members of society.


The Y developed Teen Achievers, a program that works with middle school and high school students to help them develop a game plan for the future and prepare them for success.

Working side by side with a team of volunteer mentors, teens boost their academic achievement, learn positive values, develop a strong work ethic, and embark on the path to success.


To prepare youth for life beyond high school.


Teen Achievers delivers the 6to16™ curriculum which includes a suggested set of core unit lesson plans per grade level and extensive supplemental lessons. Units are designed to cover 45-minute sessions and typically are taught as part of a graded course proposed for college readiness.

6to16™ is a college-readiness curriculum and a set of online learning experiences that establish high expectations for students and then provide knowledge, skills and support to complete high school and college. 6to16™ focuses on the middle and high school years, but aims to equip students with what they need to reach “16th grade,” or graduation from a four-year college.

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Academic Support
With tutoring and inspiration from their mentors, students learn the importance of focus, drive and ambition in reaching their goals. They raise their academic expectations and develop the effective study habits needed to excel in school.

Career Planning
Mentors introduce students to a range of future careers. Career Clusters, led by professional adult volunteers, allow all participants to gain a snapshot of what it takes to pursue their area of interest. In addition to professional positions and other jobs that require a college education, participants learn about various trades and technical education careers, such as plumbing, auto mechanics, electricians, air conditioning and more. Teens can also explore a military track; military service offers a great path to the future and guarantees them an education after their service is complete. By exposing teens to so many options, the Y builds hope and shows them there are so many possibilities for the future.

College Preparation
When students decide they want to go to college, the program provides tremendous guidance to help turn their dreams into reality. Mentors ensure that students understand all the tests needed in order to be admitted into colleges and universities. Teens are guided in accessing scholarship information and understanding the admissions process. Students may also elect to tour colleges across the country.  In some cases, the program gives teens their first opportunity to visit a college or university in person, or even travel beyond the state’s borders.

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Volunteer mentors (Adult Achievers) and other positive role models engage and connect with the Teen Achievers on an ongoing basis. Adult Achievers donate their time and talents to inspire all participants.


Serves middle and high schools students, grades 6–12, from all income levels and academic levels.


Offered at no cost to participants because of the generous contributions of our donors and members.






Program established in 1990

Middle School and High School students

Jones High School, Evans High School, South Orlando YMCA, Positive Pathways and River of Life Christian center.

After school


Samuell Dyer

When Samuell Dyer became a YMCA of Central Florida Teen Achiever in 2014, he couldn’t have imagined how it would prepare him for college or help him grow as a young man. “Whether it’s the Teen Achiever sessions at my high school or at the Tangelo Park YMCA summer program, or even all of the college tours I went on, it is still the greatest experience to help me to learn,” Samuell says of Y-based program.

Samuell, now a graduating high school senior, was diagnosed with autism and a learning disability. Through Teen Achievers, he was able to branch out of his comfort zone: “At first, some students were not comfortable around me and I was not comfortable around them. Sometimes it was hard for me on college tours and it made me feel uncomfortable, but the staff, volunteers and other students helped to make me calm and comfortable.” Samuell learned how to interact, how to communicate more effectively, how to make his own decisions, and—most importantly—how to be himself.

Because of all the great strides and accomplishments he made throughout high school, Samuell was accepted to Beacon College. Thanks to Teen Achievers, “I do not call myself weird anymore. I learned that I am unique,” Samuell says. And he is proud that he can be himself every step of the way going into his future.

Octavia Murray & Aunasia Tucker


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