Summer Sports

On our team, your personal best isn’t measured in points.

Some people think sports are all about the numbers. How many baskets you sink. How many goals you score (or block). How many precision passes, game-saving assists and minutes on the court you can rack up. At the Y, we track a few other metrics as well. For instance, how many practices do you show up and give it your all? How often do you let your teammates score that game-winning point instead of taking the shot yourself? How well do you treat the players who struggle the most? These are the measures that really matter on our teams. And while kids still get to work on a killer jump shot, developing the Y values that go beyond the season — caring, honesty, respect, responsibility and faith — is how we really bring out their best.


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*We are currently not accepting registration for the summer season


Summer Sports


Indoor Soccer*

*Not available at all locations. Contact your local Y for more information.