SUMMER FOOD TOUR: Healthy Eating With the Y

Between swim lessons, vacations and play dates—sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy during the summer. Hop on board the Y’s Summer Food Tour! Chef Gary will help you make healthy eating as easy as a summer breeze. We’re sharing proven pointers, live demos, and even recipe cards from Chef Gary’s own cookbook!

Our next stop on the tour is a healthier you.


Simplify Summer Meals

Meal prep like a pro with these tips and tricks. In this class, we will take a look at easy and healthy summer lunches and breakfasts. Recipe: Summer Tomato Salad

Decoding the Top 5 Diet Plans

Diets pop up everywhere and each one is unique in its own way. Learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle, how to navigate diet plans and figure out what works best for you. This is an educational class.

Summer Meals in a Snap

You cooked and now you have leftovers. What can you do? In this class, find out how to use some common leftovers and basic pantry staples. Recipe: Summer Fish Tacos

Steer Your Cart to Smarter Decisions

This class will teach the basics of grocery shopping, like how to read food labels, and shopping on a budget. This is an educational class.


Interested in learning more about the YMCA of Central Florida? Schedule a tour at your local Family Center. You can also find more from Chef Gary, including recipes and his Virtual Chef portal, here.