Youth Sports

Seven Pillars of YMCA Youth Sports

1. Everyone Plays

Everyone receives equal practice time and plays at least half of every game.

2. Safety First

Children may get hurt playing sports, but we do all we can to prevent injuries. We’ve modified each sport to make it safer and more enjoyable to play.

3. Fair Play

Fair play is about more than playing by the rules! We’re more interested in developing children’s character through sport than in developing a few highly skilled players.

4. Positive Competition

Learning to compete is important for children, and learning to cooperate in a competitive world is an essential life lesson they’ll learn at the Y.

5. Family Involvement

In addition to serving as volunteer coaches, officials, and timekeepers, we encourage parents to be at practices and games to support their child’s participation.

6. Sport for All

We offer programs to all children regardless of race, gender, religion, or ability. We support and appreciate the diversity of children and encourage children and their parents to do the same!

7. Sport for Fun

Children love the challenge of mastering the skills of the game, playing with their friends, and competing with their peers. While we enjoy adult participation, remember that sports are for the kids—we want them to have fun!