Safety Around Water

2020 Safety Around Water Week

With Florida leading the country in reported child drownings, the Y believes swimming is a skill every child should learn. We’re committed to helping keep kids safe in and around water. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Safety Around Water Week will not be taking place in the summer—in the meantime, we’ve put together this Family Education Guide for your family to review at home!

Additional Assets

Quick Tips to Stay Safe
Childhood drowning is preventable. Here area few Y water safety tips to help keep your children safe in and around water.

Dry-Land Activities
Our YMCA Aquatics team has put together dry-land home activities—no pool required! These home activities help to develop good form and build stamina. When the skill has been mastered on land, it becomes easier to perform in the water.
Swim Lesson Technique: Back Float
Swim Lesson Technique: Back Glide
Swim Lesson Technique: Butterfly
Swim Lesson Technique: Dive
Swim Lesson Technique: Flip Turn
Swim Lesson Technique: Front Crawl
Swim Lesson Technique: Front Glide
Swim Lesson Technique: Sidestroke
Swim Lesson Technique: Submerge
Swim Lesson Technique: Swim on Front

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