May 29, 2018

Not Plan “B” (Plan Be: Still)

I’ve heard people say that God does not have a plan “B” but I do believe that He has a plan “Be.” In the Gospel of Mark, we find Jesus and his followers are on a boat after a long, exhausting day. The writer tells us after this hard day, Jesus falls asleep on the boat. But even after a long day, Jesus is not through with the storms of life. His next storm happens to be a literal weather-related storm. His followers who were once tired are now tired and scared. Life is coming at them fast. Mark writes that they wake Jesus and ask him if he even cares if they drown. Waves are crashing on the followers from all sides. Jesus stands up and says, “Quiet! Be still!” and the winds die, and it was completely calm.

Now, I’m not sure if Jesus was talking to the storm or to his followers with his instructions. What if he was addressing those in the boat? You see, Jesus was in the boat. He was in the craziness, he was in the chaos. He’s in our boat of chaos with family, work, volunteering, health issues, and financial troubles. Jesus is with us and tells us how to handle the storm. Find the time and space to be quiet! Find the time and space to be still. It’s not easy and requires work, but in quietness and stillness, we can rest and hear from him. We have to make the plan to Be Still.

by Chad Garmon, Executive Director of Christian Initiatives & Community Partnerships