YMCA Adult Memberships

The YMCA of Central Florida offers multiple Adult Membership package options in order to meet the needs of every household. Although there are an endless amount of programs available to our members, we have listed some offerings below that you may find interesting:

Land and water fitness classes

The Y offers unlimited fitness classes for all of its members. We have group fitness classes ranging from low intensity workouts to high performance workouts to ensure the needs of all our members are met. We also offer water aerobics classes for those who want to take a splash with the Y.

Fitness Assessment

Our centers offer fitness assessments so that you can get a better understanding of your current fitness level. Along with a trainer, you will set your fitness goals. The staff at the YMCA is qualified and available to help you achieve these goals.

Volunteer Opportunities

As a leading non-profit organization, we offer an abundance of volunteer opportunities. We have volunteer position in multiple neighborhoods. Help us make a change and create lasting memories in the Central Florida community.

Sports Teams

The Y offers sports team programs that meet all needs. Whether you are looking for a recreational sport to play during your free time, or a more structured team to meet your competitive goals, the Y offers a program for all adult and youth members.

Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers have years of experience under their belt, who are qualified to help YMCA member of any athletic status. Whether you are new to the gym, a triathlete, new mom, or simply wanting to break out of your fitness plateau, the YMCA has a personal trainer that can help meet your needs.

Certification Courses

The YMCA of Central Florida offers certification programs so that you can expand on what you love. Our swim instructor and life guarding certification programs and camps also allow to work at the Y!

Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is comprised of volunteers who help the YMCA uphold our Christian values in our function. The team helps engage and inspire other members of the community by connecting with them personally or through others.

Healthy Cooking Recipes

The YMCA of Central Florida is proud to have Chef Gary on our team. Members have access to all of Chef Gary’s very own recipes, to make you wellness journey. Members are also able to connect with Chef Gary directly using Virtual Chef, in order to have any of their nutrition and health questions answered within 24 hours.

Rehabilitation Programs

The Y cares strongly about the well-being of its community members, which is why we offer rehabilitation programs for our members who are going through a difficult time. For instance, our Women in Transition program helps single moms get back on their feet after the loss of a spouse through divorce or death.

Child Watch

Sometimes, working out when you have kids can be difficult. *Many of our YMCA locations offer age appropriate childcare so that you can enjoy your workout. The best part is that it’s totally free for members!

Wellness Programs

The YMCA offers a variety of evidence-based health programs that target specific health issues in order to offer support and achieve health benefits. For instance, some of our programs target individuals who suffer from chronic conditions, arthritis or cancer patients and survivors. These are just a select few, but the YMCA of Central Florida works closely with health care providers to promote health within our community.

Les Mills

Les Mills developed a series of group exercise programs that are based on research, and ensure fast results. These classes range from low-impact programs, like Body Flow, to more demanding classes like Body Attack. These unlimited classes are included in your Y membership!

*Programs, facility features and amenities vary by location and membership type. To learn about services and amenities offered at a specific location, please schedule a tour.