October 09, 2018

Halloween is so much fun because it’s not like other nights during the year. Here are a few tips to have fun and stay safe for parents and children:

  • After dark kids need to be able to see and be seen while watching out for cars and other traffic. Using a light colored costume will allow your child to be seen much easier. Adding reflective tape to your child’s costume is another way for them to be seen. The use of flashlights also assists in seeing and being able to be seen.
  • Be sure that your child’s mask or costume does not cover their eyes which would block vision. Using make-up and/or face paint is another great way to alleviate any vision impairment while trick-or-treating. When choosing a costume, be sure that it states “flame-retardant”.
  • Checking the length of the costume to alleviate tripping and/or stumbling during your child’s evening of fun. Be sure that props are short and flexible.
  • Trick-or-treating with family members and/or friends is always a good idea. Having your child carry a cell phone is a great way to stay in touch in case help is needed.
  • A route close to home is a great way to enjoy the evening where you will encounter friends and family that you are familiar with.
  •  Just a reminder, never enter anyone’s home. Likewise, do not get in a stranger’s car, even if a treat is offered.
  • Only visit homes that have their front porch light on.
  • Before kids eat their special treats, be sure to take a good look at them. If anything is not individually wrapped don’t eat it.
  • Be sure to help your kids save some for leftovers for the upcoming days ahead.

At the Y, we want to assist in providing the support and tools that are necessary to strengthen our community. That’s why we work day in and day out to nurture youth, strengthen families and promote healthy living. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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