Les Mills

The YMCA of Central Florida has partnered with Les Mills to offer you some of the best group exercise programs created. Les Mills creates each of their programs based on research to ensure you see real results, fast.


Les Mills combines cutting-edge exercise science, the hottest new music, and a team environment to create the most engaging group fitness programs. There are different programs that focus on helping you achieve a variety of goals. Since these programs are backed-up by science, you are guaranteed to see results. What’s the best part? Unlimited classes are  included in your Y membership at no extra cost!

Classes vary by location. Please check with the following family centers for more information:

Downtown Orlando YMCADr. P. Phillips YMCAFrank DeLuca YMCAGolden Triangle YMCAJ. Douglas Williams YMCALake Nona YMCAOviedo YMCARoper YMCAWinter Park YMCA



BODYATTACK is a full body workout that improves agility and coordination, while toning and shaping your body. Our instructors will pump you up with fun music and an engaging workout routine. Join us today and burn up to 730 calories in one class!


BODYCOMBAT is another full body workout that is designed to release stress and develop coordination. These workouts target all muscle groups through punching, kicking, blocking and striking. Leave feeling empowered after this powerful class.


This class combines yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates in a unique way. BODYFLOW helps you increase flexibility and core strength, while helping you reduce stress. These classes focus on breath control, and will have you leaving calm and relaxed.


BODYPUMP is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Our instructors pair scientifically proven moves and techniques with upbeat music to create a fun-filled and energetic workout.


CXWORXclasses use resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches, and hovers to strengthen your body. These classes are a great option for those looking to continue challenging themselves.


RPM is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It’s fun, low impact and you are in control of your workout. One of the best parts of this workout is that you aren’t alone — the group aspect RPM allows you to get energized by the people around you. Ride with us today!


BORN TO MOVE™ is a workout program designed for your little ones. The classes are customized to different age groups. These classes are a great way to get kids up and moving. It is never too early to start building a healthy and active lifestyle.


There is nothing like Les Mills at the YMCA! 

“I used to travel for a living so I was thrilled to discover that the group fitness instructors at the Ocala YMCA rival some of the best instructors I’ve met around the world – and the Les Mills classes like Body Pump, Body Combat and Grit were like nothing else I’d ever done!  The music makes you want to work harder, the classes are constantly being updated with the newest moves backed by science, and the instructors are so motivating they inspired me to join them as a Body Pump Instructor!  My strength and fitness have reached a level I never thought possible – and I’m having a blast doing it!  There is nothing better than finding fitness that is fun and challenging at the same time.  Les Mills has allowed me to find fitness that is now a lifestyle – and I’m loving every minute.

They say that consistency is the key when it comes to fitness.  Finding something was not a chore, but rather something you look forward to made all the difference for me.  With Les Mills at the Ocala YMCA I look forward to every class and hate to miss a workout.  The music is motivating, the classes never get boring and the instructors at the Ocala YMCA are so motivating I found myself wanting to join them!  Now I get cardio from Body Combat, HIIT training from Grit and last year I completed the training to become a Body Pump Instructor.  The YMCA is so much more than a gym – I love sharing my fitness journey as both a member and an instructor.  There is nothing like Les Mills at the YMCA!”

– Holly, Frank DeLuca Location

The good thing about this workout is that you can do it at your own pace.

“I became a member of the Oviedo YMCA about 1 1/2 years ago. When I joined, I wanted to maximize my membership by joining as many group exercise classes as possible. This way I could find which one was going to fit the most with my personal goals, which included a good weight loss program and to be in better physical condition. I decided to join the BodyPump class, Omnia Training (known now as a Y-Fit Training), and Yoga. The rest of the time I would use the different equipment that the facilities provided for my own workouts. Since day one of beginning BodyPump, I realized how great of benefits this training offers. It is a one hour class with 10 tracks. Each track dedicates itself to a different part of your body. You do over 800 repetitions and it creates a really good burn in most parts of your body. This is a great workout that provides great cardio and sets people up to achieve great physical conditions after doing this training for a while. The good thing about this workout is that you can do it at your own pace. You can use the necessary weights depending on how your body reacts and feels. Once you get the rhythm and pace, your body will definitely ask for more. In summary, the combination of this workout with Yoga, and Y-Fit, allowed me to lose 35 pounds in 18 months (from 216lbs to 181lbs). With hard work, I am still hoping to continue these workouts to maximize my fitness levels. All of the trainers that offer this Body Pump class are very well prepared and believe me, they will really pump you up to do a great workout and create a nice sweat. Anyone will be amazed how big of results can be obtained from this class!”

– Javier, Downtown Orlando Location

I feel powerful and unstoppable after a good Bodypump workout.

“Since discovering Les Mills Bodypump and Bodycombat, my outlook on fitness has improved significantly and I find myself genuinely enjoying exercising. I’ve been taking Les Mills Body Pump classes for two years now and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Attending classes has helped me to build confidence, make friends and achieve many of my fitness goals. It started as a goal to include toning into my workout routine.  What I found was motivation, community and strength (in more ways than one). Squats is my favorite track because I can load up the weights.  I feel powerful and unstoppable after a good Bodypump workout. The long tracks have improved my endurance, stamina, and grip strength. This has helped me prepare and conquer four Savage Races – a 7 mile obstacle course challenge that we attend as a Dr. P. Phillips team.

Overall, I’m physically stronger and my body fat has decreased. I always feel much better and more confident after a round of Les Mills Body Pump. I give credit to my instructor Trish Villanueva for my love of Les Mills Body Pump. She is very thorough with instructions on the various techniques which is the key for safety preventing injuries. She inspires and motivates the class and makes it fun.”

– Nora, Dr. P Phillips Location