Join The Y

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The Y. Ready for You. Right Now.

Join the Y and become a member of a community that’s committed every day to helping you and your family learn, grow and thrive. Here you’ll live healthier, kids will develop to their fullest potential and everyone connects as a community. With 22 Y Family Centers open 7 days a week, the Y is fit for your lifestyle and your schedule.

Membership Types
Options for any household. Learn More.
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  • Teen

    ages 12-22

  • family

    2 adults + 1 or more dependants living in the same household

  • young adult

    ages 23-29

  • family +

    3 adults + one or more dependants living in the same household

  • adult

    ages 30-64

  • senior

    age 65+

  • adult +

    Adult + Dependants

  • 2 Seniors

    2 adults living in the same household, age 65+

  • 2 Adults

    2 Adults living in the same household

  • Financial assistance is available for those who meet income requirements.
  • Visit your local Family Center to learn more.
Youth Development
To nurture the potential of every child. Learn more.
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Complimentary Child Development Center

Middle and Elementary After School programs

Career mentoring programs for Middle and High School students

Competitive swim and sports programs for youth

Youth sports and swim programs

Day, resident and specialty camps for children and teens

Healthy Living
Improving everyone's health and well-being. Learn more.
Healthy Living Image

Group classes and fitness equipment

Personal Fitness

Adult team sports

Limited Offerings

Water activity programs

Limited Offerings

Locker rooms, saunas, pools

Limited Offerings

Family wellness programs

Disease prevention and obesity programs

Swim lessons

Running, walking, cycling groups/clubs

Community prayer breakfasts


Social Responsibility Image

Annual fund raising campaign

Youth Sponsorships

Membership scholarships

Managerial, policy and program Volunteers

Public policy advocacy initiatives

Grass roots/community organizing efforts