Emergency Childcare

We are here for our community, especially in times of need.

As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop, we are helping to solve a growing problem for the essential employees continuing to work to keep our community safe, healthy, and functioning.

While the schools in our six-county service area are currently closed and providing distance learning to students, many parents and guardians who are still working need childcare as they continue to serve every day. So, the Y is repurposing our facilities to provide emergency childcare for these families at no cost, thanks to the generous support of Florida Blue and YMCA of Central Florida members and donors.

At this time, childcare is for essential employees as defined by the Executive Order from Governor DeSantis. Please review Executive Order 20-91 for the most up-to-date list of essential employees to determine eligibility.

Program Details

The Y will provide a safe, clean, and healthy environment for children to learn, play, and interact. Activities will include exercise, games, enrichment, and academic support. We will strictly follow all local, state, and national health and safety regulations, including a ratio of nine students to one teacher, and capping attendees at 45 children per participating location per day.

As an established childcare provider, the Y will always be a safe place for parents to trust their kids are taken care of. With certified, trained staff and a dedicated healthcare worker to provide on-site screenings, we’re doing everything possible to resolve this need for local healthcare workers and to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all in our care.

Ages: 5–13 years
Operational Hours: Monday through Friday, 6:15 am – 7:30 pm
Locations: South Orlando YMCA and Blanchard Park YMCA
Cost: No cost currently*

Who can participate?
This program is offered for the children of healthcare workers that are employed on the frontlines to fight COVID-19. Spots limited to 45 attendees per day per location.

Isn’t the Y closed?
Due to COVID-19, all of our YMCA family centers are currently closed; however, we will offer LIMITED childcare programming on a daily basis in accordance with local, state, and national guidelines to emergency essential personnel.

What about social distancing rules?
Although our YMCA family centers are currently closed due to COVID-19, we have been approved by local authorities to offer limited childcare to first responders and healthcare workers as they continue to serve during this challenging time. We will adhere to all local, state, and national health guidelines, including limiting group sizes inside of our YMCAs to no more than 10 people and no more than 45 attendees per day per location.

What health and safety precautions will you take?
We will have a dedicated on-site healthcare worker to screen all children, and many other precautions will be taken to ensure safety. The group ratio will be one teacher to nine children. Additionally, trained staff will respond with all-day cleaning/disinfecting and thorough deep cleaning overnight.

Will food be provided?
At this time, food will not be provided, so we ask that you pack your child a nut-free lunch and snacks. Water will be provided. Please pack lunch in a completely disposable bag.

How long will you offer this program?
Childcare begins in April. As we monitor the developments of the COVID-19 public regulations, check back here for the most up-to-date operational information.

What if my child has schoolwork to be completed throughout the day?
Our schedule allows for homework, academics, and virtual teaching twice a day. Your child is permitted to bring their district assigned electronic device and utilize our family center Wi-Fi to complete their assignments and district learning. Devices will not be shared, and we will provide disinfecting wipes for all equipment. If your child doesn't have a school district device, personal devices will be permitted as well. The YMCA is unable to provide electronic devices.

What will my child need to bring?
Please ensure your child is dressed in comfortable/athletic attire and closed-toed shoes. They can bring one device for distance learning instruction, but no personal items from home will be permitted.

Each day, your child should bring: lunch (non-refrigerated/non-reheated), snacks (one morning, one afternoon), a water bottle, and it's recommended to pack a change of clothes.

AdventHealth Employees

All Other Essential Service Employees

Community Partners Supporting this Program

*Thanks to the generous support of Florida Blue and YMCA of Central Florida members and donors, emergency childcare services are being provided at no cost at the Downtown Orlando and Winter Park YMCA locations based on the limited number of available spaces. For additional information, please fill out this form, or call us at 407-406-1785 (Downtown Orlando) or 407-316-5812 (Winter Park).


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