Elementary Before & After School

Elementary Before and After School Programs

Our focus on out of school time programming aligns the YMCA’s strengths with key educational milestones: being ready to learn for Kindergarten, reading at grade level and being academically on track entering Middle School.

The YMCA out of school time programs increase student achievement and reduce risk-taking behaviors through academic support, health and social enrichment programming.

We offer students intentional programming that includes:

  • Daily homework support
  • 30 minutes/day of Reading and Literacy activities
  • Math/Literacy support
  • Daily fitness and nutrition education
  • Character development/leadership education
  • Summer Reading Initiatives
  • STEM, 21st Century Skill Building, Service Learning, Family Engagement, Global Learning and Art Education

Our balance program is designed to support academics and physical development, and to build social emotional competencies for children.

  • Welcome Snack & Attendance
  • Global Learning
  • Health and Wellness
  • Leadership
  • Academic Support
  • Enrichment
  • STEM

Before and after-school programs provide children with extra support, enrichment activities, and a nurturing environment they need to keep learning, growing, and thriving. Our programs offer research-based curriculum and hands-on learning experiences that support every facet of a child’s development by focusing on the whole child.