Middle School Programs




Many working and single parents struggle to find a safe and productive environment for their children after school.

Some children face limited educational opportunities even while they are in school due to budget restrictions within their district—a situation that fosters an academic achievement gap between children of different communities and income levels.


Working directly with the local school system, the Y developed high-quality, learning-focused after school programs for elementary school students.

Programs are conveniently offered on site at schools so families don’t have to arrange additional transportation. The YMCA programs provide children with the support, activities and nurturing environment they need to keep learning, growing and thriving. Our programs offer hands-on learning experiences that support every facet of a child’s development. Children receive help with their homework; a passion for reading and learning that promotes academic success. Our trained staff works closely with teachers and school staff to promote open communication and become an extension of the school day both in academics and student expectations.


Developed in partnership with the National Institute of Out-of-School Time, our Middle School curriculum offers comprehensive, engaging and age-appropriate learning experiences. Programming focuses on eight core content areas: Arts and Humanities, Character Development, Health and Wellness, Homework Support, Literacy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), Service Learning, Social Competence and Conflict Resolution.


Fun and educational, the curriculum inspires a thirst for learning and encourages students to nurture their own individual passions through Performance-Based Learning. For example, students may learn about physics and chemistry while building their own rocket and then launching at the end of the week as part of a friendly competition. In addition, we offer opportunities for interest-based reading in a digital format, making literacy fun and engaging. Students can also explore the arts in a way they simply can’t during the traditional school day, from performing in a band to staging an actual theater play. Not to mention, here at the Y, we involve all students in athletics and/or exercise programs to ensure our youth have the tools they need to make healthy life choices.

Of course, it’s not just fun and games. At this age, youth begin to adopt the study habits, social behaviors and decision-making abilities that will define them throughout the rest of their school years. Our teachers help students with studying and homework to instill the importance of academic success. The curriculum also includes regular sports and exercise to reinforce students’ commitment to healthy and active lifestyles.


The program is run by qualified teachers (90%) and co-teachers (10%) who satisfy the following requirements:

• B.S. degree or A.A./A.S. required

• 1-3 years experience teaching in a childcare or school setting

• Completion of the Y of Central Florida Middle School Education training curriculum

To ensure that each student receives the individual attention and support they need, we maintain a ratio of 1 educator per 18 children.


Offered to all students at our sites.


Offered at no cost to students and parents.

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