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July 06, 2016
If you have visited the Downtown YMCA in the last few months, you may have noticed our new Technogym® equipment. And, if you have been into the cycle studio or upstairs in the last 10 days, you may have also taken note of brand new group cycle bikes and television in the cycle studio.  While the equipment itself is top-of-the line, it is actually the technology within the equipment that sets… [...]
June 14, 2016
  As our community grapples with the tragic event of June 12, 2016, our Downtown Orlando YMCA family would like to extend our chaplain services to any and all community members who are seeking support or a listening ear.  If you would like to reach out directly to our chaplains, please email [email protected]  You can also stop by our membership desk, and we will connect you with a chaplain. Our Downtown… [...]
October 16, 2014
There are lots of great reasons to join the Y! Check out the video to see a few of those reasons.  Also, bring your friends, family, and neighbors to our Fall Festival on October 25th, 11am-2pm, so they can experience a complimentary, fun day at the Downtown Y! The event is free and open to the community.   [...]
September 03, 2014
DID YOU KNOW?:  The sport of Futsal was created by YMCAs in South America in the 1930's and1940's.   Futsal is a 5-on-5 version of soccer that is played indoors with a smaller ball and smaller goals.  This version of indoor soccer is brand new to our Downtown YMCA and to our entire YMCA of Central Florida association.  This is an exciting opportunity for kids who may be new to the sport of… [...]
May 29, 2014
Our Downtown YMCA celebrated Healthy Senior Day on Wednesday May 28th.  Seniors took advantage of free blood pressure screenings, specialized group exercise classes, diabetes and cancer information, and even a hat contest.  Hundreds of seniors frequent the Downtown YMCA on a daily basis to stay connected to the community, meet friends, and stay active and healthy.  From water fitness classes to card-playing groups and volunteering to conversation over coffee, seniors… [...]
January 13, 2014
At the Downtown Orlando YMCA, we have programs and activities for everyone, regardless of their health and wellness needs. As part of our commitment to provide something for everyone, we have developed  Fit For All Groups, coach-led small groups focused around common interests. These groups will meet once per week for 12 weeks beginning the week of January 20. You will receive coach guidance, support from other members, and maybe even… [...]

Volunteer at the Y

October 01, 2013
The importance of volunteerism can't be overstated. At the Y, we could never accomplish our program goals without the help of our volunteers, and we are so appreciative of the support they provide. Our Day of Sharing is an opportunity for us to convey our cause and mission to members, stress our focus on social responsibility and get our members excited about volunteer opportunities. And it is also an opportunity… [...]
September 11, 2013
Why the Downtown Orlando YMCA's Heroes Salute and First Responders Program is Important in So Many Ways   Today, as we remember the tragic events of Sept. 11, it’s important that the Central Florida region comes together to not only honor the victims of that fateful day, but to forge new relationships and enhance existing ones with friends and neighbors in an effort to make our local communities better places… [...]
September 03, 2013
From September 1 through 15, the Downtown Orlando YMCA Family Center will be honoring the region’s first responders by offering no barriers to join the Y Family. For all police department, sheriff’s department, fire department, prison and EMT employees, the standard joiner's fee will be waived, and first responders will be able to sign up their families for the individual membership rate.   The Downtown Y will also host a… [...]
August 15, 2013
On August 13, the first Olympic Challenge LIVE Google+ Hangout took off running! Members watched live at the Downtown Orlando YMCA or tuned into Facebook and Google+ as Mariana Gonzalez, Downtown Orlando Director of Health and Wellness, and Justin Higa, Roper YMCA Wellness Director, answered a variety of questions regarding the best cardio workouts, dealing with injuries and good training exercises for high school athletes. The live event was designed… [...]
November 05, 2012
At the Downtown Orlando YMCA, we are constantly living our cause by strengthening our communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.   Promoting health living is not just about fitness, it also includes what we nourish our mind, body and spirit with. Recently, we celebrated Healthy Living week at the Downtown Orlando YMCA. During this week, we decided to launch our Eat More Produce farmer’s market corner. The enormous… [...]
February 25, 2012
Free Community Event Promotes Cardiovascular Fitness During American Heart Month WHAT: The YMCA of Central Florida is bringing the community together to celebrate American Heart Month by hosting the Largest Cardio Class in Central Florida. All Y Family Centers will simultaneously host a free group fitness class featuring a mash-up of popular cardiovascular exercise programs including Zumba, step aerobics and boot camp. Participants will experience a variety of cardiovascular exercises… [...]