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Karate: Our Best Kept Secret

Did you know that twice per week for 60 minutes, we offer karate classes that are included in your membership?  If not, now you do!

Karate is a great way to practice discipline, stay healthy, work on balance, meet new friends, and more.  Our instructors are highly trained and can help you get started for the first time or continue any karate experience that you already have.  Recently, our karate class celebrated the accomplishment of 2 new black belts!

The karate classes are open to all levels; advanced participants receive an additional time with instructors after the completion of the regular class.  All ages are welcome- young children must simply be able to stay focused and not interrupt the class.

We hope to see you in a karate class soon!


Welcome to “Futsal”

DID YOU KNOW?:  The sport of Futsal was created by YMCAs in South America in the 1930’s and1940’s.  

Futsal is a 5-on-5 version of soccer that is played indoors with a smaller ball and smaller goals.  This version of indoor soccer is brand new to our Downtown YMCA and to our entire YMCA of Central Florida association.  This is an exciting opportunity for kids who may be new to the sport of soccer, as they can thrive in our futsal league because it will be utilized as a developmental opportunity focused on skill development, ball control, and body awareness.  Children who have experience in soccer can also thrive in futsal as they further improve current skills and develop new ones.

Give this fun, indoor sport a try with your K-3rd graders!  Registration is currently open for our upcoming futsal season that will begin in November.

Celebrating our Seniors

Our Downtown YMCA celebrated Healthy Senior Day on Wednesday May 28th.  Seniors took advantage of free blood pressure screenings, specialized group exercise classes, diabetes and cancer information, and even a hat contest.  Hundreds of seniors frequent the Downtown YMCA on a daily basis to stay connected to the community, meet friends, and stay active and healthy.  From water fitness classes to card-playing groups and volunteering to conversation over coffee, seniors know that they can come to the Y and feel welcomed and connected.