All children will be placed in a different stages when joining YCF Diving. Our coaches will have your child participate in a free diving trial to determine what level would be best for your child. Kids with tumbling/gymnastic experience may place at a higher level when starting, but most children with no experience will be place in our Lessons group. A divers promotion to next group is based upon their skills and coach’s discretion regarding the diver’s consistency, attendance, attitude, etc.

Lesson Group
Recommended: Ages 7 & Under

Intended for children who show interest in the sport of diving and want to learn the fundamentals of diving.

All Ages

Pre-Team is for novices to diving who will learn and improve on the fundamentals of 1M and 3M.

High School Classes
Ages 14 – 18 years

YCF offers classes to kids that are diving in high school. This class only focuses on 1-meter spring board.

JO 1 (3x Week)
All Ages

For those who have begun to master the fundamentals and want to take the sport more seriously. Only meets 3 times a week.

JO 1 (Minis)
Ages 5 – 14 years

For kids in elementary and middle school who mastered the basics and are ready to take the sport to the next level.

JO 1 (HS)
Ages 14 – 18 years

This program is for High Schoolers who have a good grasp of the fundamentals and are looking to pursue the sport more seriously.

JO 2
All Ages

Advanced divers who are committed to the program and willing to travel. Instruction now expands to learning platform.

JO 3
All Ages

Nationally ranked divers or advanced High School divers with high level of commitment, training 5 days a week.

JO 4
All Ages

Competitive divers who have goals of reaching National Team ranking. These athletes are willing to compete year round.

JO 5
All Ages

One of our advanced levels intended for Nationally ranked divers, USA National Team, and potentially the Olympics.