Dr Phillips

Dr. Phillips Charities.

With more than 30 years of commitment, more than $42.2 million in gifts and countless lives and Y facilities transformed, our relationship with Dr. Phillips Charities speaks for itself. In 2003, the Y was named a major beneficiary of their foundation. With their help, we launched Safe Start, a youth swim program to combat childhood drownings across Central Florida. Most important, they helped the Y of Central Florida transform into a leading association within the Y movement.

Advent Health

Advent Health and the Y are teaming up to improve the wellbeing our community. With like missions which focus on health of the whole person in spirit, mind and body, we are partnering on Healthy 100 initiatives to promote cultures of wellness and the prevention of chronic disease. In 3 of our Ys, we host Healthy 100 Kids on-site programs. We jointly make Y Diabetes Prevention Programs, family membership benefits and health education accessible to our employees. And, Advent Health is a gracious sponsor of our annual Y Celebration of Prayer which convenes the community in faith.

Orlando Health

Building on a strong 13-year partnership, Orlando Health has become the exclusive provider of health and wellness programs at the Dr. P. Phillips, Roper, Wayne Densch, South Lake and a future Y location in Clermont. Depending on community needs, programs may include educational workshops, sports medicine, or direct medical and rehabilitative services, similar to those Orlando Health has been providing at the Dr. Phillips Y for many years. In 2013, Orlando Health’s rehabilitative program at the Dr. Phillips Y recorded nearly 4,000 patient visits. In a new extension of the partnership, Orlando Health’s Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children will be working with its physicians to promote Safe Start, an innovative infant water survival program, to parents and families.

The Roper Family.

Loyal, lifetime supporters of the Y with more than $1 million donated to our community efforts, the Roper Family are dedicated philanthropists. Barbara Roper is an active member of the Metro Board.

Wayne Densch Charities.

Through a generous $1.6 million investment, underprivileged children and teens have had a welcoming place to grow and thrive. Y Facilities have been built in their neighborhoods and allowed them access to valuable mentors and role models.

Darden Foundation.

Time, insights and leadership are the hallmark of the Darden Foundation. Their $900,000 in donations for renovation efforts in South Orlando and Wayne Densch have helped our communities and our young people to grow and succeed in a safe environment. Clarence Otis was on the Metro Board for two years and continues to provide leadership capital to the Y of Central Florida.

Walt Disney World Resort.

$4.5 million goes a long way towards giving kids a place to thrive and parents peace of mind. In 2003 their efforts helped establish two family centers with a focus on childcare, addressing the needs of cast members and working families.

Orange County Public School System (OCPS).

(OCPS) joins forces with the Y for the good of our children. OCPS enables us to run Middle and Elementary afterschool programs where kids can be safe and engage in a positive learning environment.

Lake Nona Property Inc., Tavistock, The City Of Orlando, Orlando Regional Healthcare System.

Together, we’ve created a new school model to help our children succeed. A great example of the power of partnerships was the development of the Lake Nona YMCA Family Center, which, today shares a building with NorthLake Park Community School and its local city park.

LakeNona.com OrlandoHealth.com Tavistock.com CityofOrlando.com

Lockheed Martin.

In 2006, Lockheed Martin provided a major gift to the South Orlando Y to give students a jumpstart in math and science. The Technology Center was built to promote and encourage math and science interests among students.

Orange County Government.

Among many other things, with the help of OC, the Y built in a public park to provide a venue for the general public to get healthy and for youth to have access to sports, recreation and learning programs offered by the Y.

Osceola County.

The City of Kissimmee and Osceola County Public Schools raised $1.9 million to establish the Osceola County Y, a community hub that provides programs for adults, teens, and kids and offers a special teen center that gives teens a safe place to congregate after school.

Developer Beat Kahli.

Avalon Park is the first Y Express built to serve the needs of the Avalon Community. Through this partnership, the Y enjoys their extensive outdoor facilities and spaces to provide youth sports and recreation programs.

Discover how our partnerships are impacting communities

Our model for education is not only bright. It’s smarter.

The Lake Nona YMCA/Northlake Park Community School began as a sort of experiment with an ideal balance of educational resources and physical education housed in one ideal location. Parents are heavily involved with their kids’ lives in this co-located school and enjoy use of the facilities to work out, too. Of the 648 students, 60% of them are minorities and the school assists 37% of them with reduced or free lunch.

Combining the best of all worlds, students can stay at school until 6 or even 7pm to participate in swim teams, little leagues, performing arts, music classes, cheerleading classes and art classes. This is a huge benefit in many ways. Of course, not having to leave campus to travel to other locations reduces safety issues, conserves time and resources and allows parents the peace of mind of not having to leave work early to attend to their children.

An A rated school every year since its inception a decade ago and ranked in the top 10% of the state of Florida, students who graduated from the elementary school have gone on to outperform their peers both in Florida and across the US. The school boasts large classroom windows, proudly showcased artwork in the school lobby, and front-and-center music rooms to encourage student creativity and enjoyment. A subsequent benefit of this healthy, forward-thinking partnership is also the creation of a more dynamic and engaged culture, one that attracts the best and brightest teachers. A definitive prototype for educational success, “we feel this model can revolutionize education by creating a true community center that engages and attracts people to reinvest in schools,” says Jim Ferber, President and CEO of the YMCA of Central Florida.

The YMCA of Central Florida continues to be heavily focused on transforming education through unique partnerships like this one. By joining forces, this growing community is far better served, saves taxpayer dollars, reduces the environmental impact by minimizing vehicle traffic and encourages physical health through walking on campus. It is our goal to open 10 more of these types of schools across the six counties that the YMCA of Central Florida oversees.