September 03, 2014

Buddy Parking Lot 1 Low ResYou may have noticed some bulldozers on the back soccer fields recently, and that’s because mission expansion construction has officially begun. For those of you who are wondering why the trucks are digging up dirt way in the back, it’s because we will be improving the drainage system on the property and alleviating the water retention issue in the parking lot. We will also be adding 114 NEW parking spots.

In order to provide more parking, improve drainage and upgrade field space, we will temporarily lose 100 parking spots in September. THE GREAT NEWS IS THAT WE WILL HAVE THEM BACK, AS WELL AS 114 ADDITIONAL SPOTS, BY OCTOBER!!

In order to make the parking lot expansion as seamless a transition as possible:

— We will use a golf cart shuttle to pick up and drop off members from their cars on the adjacent parking lot.

— We will have easily identified YMCA staff in the parking lot ensuring safety and efficient use of member parking areas.

— We will have all staff park off-site and transport them to our Y through the use of a mini bus.

Phase 1 of our mission expansion will also include a new wellness floor with updated equipment, new spin room with new bikes and two racquetball courts. We will be providing weekly e-blast updates on construction, as well as this newsletter and Facebook/website posts. Additionally, I will be starting a round of Town Hall Meetings each month in the lobby to educate and inform you on all the exciting construction work that is being done as we expand our mission and continue to build a blueprint for a healthy community.