Leadership Team

It takes many caring people to make all the great things happen at the Y. Our Leadership team is made up of metro staff members, board members, executive committee members, and volunteers. Each of us shares our time, energy and focus on strengthening our communities through helping kids reach their potential, encouraging healthy living for all ages, and giving back to our neighbors. We welcome you to stop by and say hello and get involved.

Metro Staff

  • James Ferber

    James Ferber
    President &
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Daniel Wilcox

    Daniel Wilcox
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Colleen Manahan

    Colleen Manahan
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dori Madison

    Dori Madison
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Daniel Ickes

    Daniel Ickes
    Executive Vice President of Operations

  • Kim Strong

    Kim Strong
    Senior Vice President of Philanthropy

  • Wayne Humphrey

    Wayne Humphrey
    Vice President of Government & Community Relations

  • Scott Barnhard
    Vice President of Financial Development

  • Ardana Jefferson
    Vice President of Membership Development

  • Shannon Matthews
    Vice President of Youth Development

  • Buddy Evans

    Buddy Evans
    District Vice President of Operations

  • Curt Skotnicki
    District Vice President of Operations

  • Jody Alexander

    Jody Alexander
    District Vice President of Operations

  • JakeSteger

    Jake Steger
    District Vice President of Operations

  • John Cardone

    John Cardone
    Senior Vice President of Health Strategies

  • Carter Jones

    Carter Jones
    District Vice President of School Programs

  • Rick Shreve

    Rick Shreve
    Director of Christian Initiatives

Metro Board Executive Committee

  • Charlie Egerton

    Charlie Egerton

  • Glen Davis

    Glen Davis
    Past Chair

  • Helena Ryan

    Helena Ryan

  • Ralph Martinez

  • Michael Manuel.

    Michael Manuel

  • MaryJane Arrignton.

    Mary Jane Arrington

  • Charles Bailes, III

    Charles Bailes, III

  • Rob Baker

    Rob Baker

  • Maribeth Bisienere

  • Lou Carrion

    Lou Carrion

  • Robin Fisher

    Robin Fisher

  • Sandy Hosteter

    Sandy Hostetter

  • Clarence Otis

  • Charles Pierce Jr.

    Charles Pierce Jr.

  • Barbara Roper

    Barbara Roper

  • Thomas Warlick

  • Chip Webb

    Chip Webb

Metro Board Members

  • Jim Allesandro
  • Mary Jane Arrington
  • Charles Bailes, III
  • Rob Baker
  • David Banks
  • Dee Carpenter
  • Lou Carrion
  • Tom Chandler
  • Steve Clayson
  • Steve Conner
  • Glen Davis
  • Steve Davis
  • Jim Downing
  • Charlie Egerton
  • Pat Engfer
  • Robin Fisher
  • Dan Ford
  • Robert Ford
  • Dr. Deb German
  • Jim Henningsen
  • John Hillenmeyer
  • Sandy Hostetter
  • Evans Hubbard
  • Dr. Barbara Jenkins
  • Orman Kimbrough
  • Dr. Richard Lapchick
  • Derek Lewis
  • Patricia Maddox
  • Michael Manuel
  • Ralph Martinez
  • Scott Miller
  • Steve Miller
  • Rich Panner
  • William Moss
  • Clarence Otis Jr.
  • Dr. Ron Piccolo
  • Dr. Richard Pratley
  • Charles Pierce Jr.
  • Renaut van der Riet
  • Kran Riley
  • Barbara Roper
  • Helena Ryan
  • Larry Stewart
  • Michael Sullivan
  • Lynette Swinski
  • Allison Turnbull
  • John Varley
  • JaJa Wade
  • Dr. Tony Waldrop
  • Thomas Warlick
  • John “Chip” Webb